January 9, 2012

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

I know it's not good to get too attached to things. But there are collected items in my life that I just love to look at! They adorn my living space and make it feel like home for me. Sure, I don't need any of these things to survive, but they sure do make me feel good inside when gaze upon them! A little tour of what resides in my room at my parent's house:

I recently thrifted this bowl on an adventure with my sister. Although not the best thrifting adventure we've had, I managed to snipe this before we left- my big ticket purchase at a whopping $2.00! Woot.

I also only recently found these on this Christmas break, after Christmas. I was grocery shopping with mom at Extra Foods and came across all of the discounted Christmas decor. Among it were these cute little ornaments. I just think they're so precious! 

A small painted frame displaying a hanky from my great aunt- I'm in love with embroidery.

My youngest sister just made this for me this year for Christmas! Isn't it so pretty? I had seen this idea before, but never thought to actually make one!

Most of these are thrifting finds from over the years. I painted the bird- it's a heavy metal thing. The luncheon set, I had bought in summer and blogged about it, another framed hanky sits beside the bird, and the teacup with the pink flowers comes from my grandma's china set which all of the grandchildren received bits of when they moved!

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