January 11, 2012

Springtime Imaginings

It was a lovely day yesterday here in British Columbia! It was so lovely that it felt like spring and that made me feel quite happy, imagining all things spring-like. This has also been the first week back at class, so it helps brighten the mood when there is sunny weather. (Though I have to say, I think I may enjoy this semester much more than last- the classes already seem so interesting!) Here are some pictures to illustrate my imaginings...

This lovely little cottage looks like the perfect spring home that I may want to live in someday. (Sorry, the link is a tumblr site- I attempted to find the original source, but alas, could not!)

I love springtime deer- they are cutest little creatures!

Oh to see colour in the landscape again. It's nice the grass here in BC is green, but I'm missing the reds, yellows, and blues around here. Flowers are my one weakness. 

What are your springtime imaginings?

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