January 13, 2012

Fashion on Friday

I've never been a bracelet person. I've been, at times, an earring person, a necklace person, a scarf person, but somehow the thought of things dangling on my wrists has never appealed to me...until now! I've reached the stage of becoming a bracelet wearer, with much thanks to my friend, Arielle, who has wonderful sense of style and love of the bracelet! Here are a few of my inspiration sources in this new found love: 

An easy and creative way to add to a bracelet collection

The blog, Make Bracelets, has all sorts of fun ideas including tutorial videos

I like this mix with it's combining of leather, metal, and cotton twine

These pretty little crochet bracelets might make their way into my mix

An added watch is always nice, such as this one. I've been using my grandma's old watch which has a constant set time of 2:30. It's very handy at 2:30 in the afternoon.

And lastly, if you need some style inspiration to go along with your bracelets, this set fits the bill quite nicely! Love the black pants and riding boots!


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Ohh, it looks so good! <3 I love pretty bracelets!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

thesecondface said...

Oh I definitely want to have/do the first bracelet! So amazign! Have you done this by yourselve?

I'm also so in love with bracelets, even more than with necklaces :)

xoxo, Magdalena

Unknown said...

Hi Magdalena,
No I haven't been able to make that bracelet yet, though I plan to once I get the supplies!

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