November 4, 2014

Life Lately: October

It was a bit of a whirlwind kind of October (with a lot of rain thrown in!). But I managed to capture little bits of it here and there. Work and life both feel quite busy, but busy is good. I love having just enough going on to always have a project without feeling overwhelmed. And I feel that's exactly how October was. There were a few moments of overwhelm or melancholy, but mostly moments of delight, productivity, rest, and fun. Here are few of them:

From the top // 1. Thanksgiving with my newest handsome little nephew. He has definitely been one of my favourite moments about October. // 2. Making thanksgiving place cards for The Common Creative blog. // 3. A candle lit for my niece in heaven in honour of pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. // 4 + 5. Pear and ginger for the Pear Ginger jam I made. Recipe is posted on TCC blog. // 6. Cozy sundays of crocheting and watching Gilmore Girls. // 7. Did you see these? I added some Christmas cards to my Etsy shop. Pre-order yours here. // 8. A homemade loaf of cinnamon raisin bread makes the most enjoyable morning toast. This recipe was quite phenomenal! Find the recipe here. // 9. A celebration of another nephew's 4th birthday. This little guy loves trains and his day was filled with them!

I'm definitely looking forward to what November has in store. I expect cozy nights in with lots and lots of apple cider. Seeing as this has already been happening, I only imagine it will continue!

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