December 9, 2013

Twitter News

What is cozier than cuddling up in blankets around a blazing fire and drinking hot chocolate? Why, connecting with people on Twitter, of course! Ok, that was a terrible segue to announce this news, but it's morning, my mind isn't working that sharply yet and I came across this photo that warmed my heart (no pun intended). I had to create some point of reference...

Yes, it's true. I have now joined the ranks of Twitter. I am a Tweeter. And you can follow me on more than just my bloglovin account now (which is still a great way to catch up on new reads!). But you never know, I may post something on Twitter that you will miss on my blog about my etsy shop or work that I'm doing, so don't be left behind! Head on over here and warm my heart with more than a fake photo fire by following me. 

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