December 12, 2013

Studio Dreaming

I don't often post pictures I find around the internet in this space, but today is an exception. Today, I am longing for a space. A space to do my art and not have to worry about taking it all out of it's little organized corner and putting it all back again when I'm done. A space to get messy and feel inspired. A place filled with light where I can close the door and not think about anything else besides painting. I have this board on Pinterest. I could have named it "Studio Spaces I Like" or something generic like that, but called it "Dreaming" instead because right now this idea feels like just a dream. I hope it can come to fruition someday but I'll still continue to make art until it does with more hassle than I desire. I guess it's good to long for something because it means I don't have everything. And having everything could lead to entitlement (which is something I loathe...)! So for now, I will settle with my tiny coffee table in a space that's not ideal but cozy nonetheless. 

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