October 20, 2011


You can buy this print here!

A little reminder for Thursday, the end of my school week. I've been feeling overwhelmed with homework and as a result have been procrastinating (hence the redesigned blog! What do you think?). I'm realizing that sometimes, as much as it is important, there are other things more important than homework. Like rest. and simplicity- not making things too complicated. Take a bit of time to enjoy your day. Take time to do the important things, but enjoy life along with it!


Unknown said...

I love the new blog layout! a lot more open. I feel welcomed by you. and like that quote..and that picture. I am reminded to enjoy simplicity as I sit here in Cafe, enjoying the campus visit days! there are so many visitors!
love you jenni!


Anonymous said...

Simplicity is definitely my mantra at the moment too. Everyone is so caught up in doing all the time they don't just sit back and just BE!!! Great layout too.


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