December 4, 2013

Christmas Things

I have been meaning to update all weekend and into this week! But Christmas is so busy! A good busy. Suddenly life feels very full and all kinds of fun things are happening. We got our very first Christmas tree (see this post) and set it up not too long after. My mom has given all of us sisters ornaments every year since we were small, so our tree is filled with memories already. I love putting on the lights at night and staring at the beauty of the sparkling tree. We've also been lighting lots of candles (as I mentioned earlier, I'm getting over the fear! It's a miracle) including the first advent candle on Sunday. We observe the advent tradition around here of lighting a candle each week to represent the waiting of Christ's birth.  Although we are both big (and I mean BIG) into chocolate, somehow those cardboard chocolate advent calendars don't hold the same importance... This is my absolute favourite tradition. 

On Monday, I had the chance to hop on over to my mother-in-law's house to do an annual Finnish tradition- gingerbread cookie making! Ok, maybe this isn't just a Finnish tradition, but it's new to me. We only ever made sugar cookies growing up and rarely made gingerbread. We ended up watching the holiday classic (at least for me and my sisters), Little Women and bonded over tea and Pulla- another Finnish delight. It was such a lovely afternoon and aren't the cookies so cute? I found the woodland creature cookie cutters at Ikea back in spring and have just been waiting to use them! I think the best part was decorating them after...I don't tend to ice cookies in a traditional manner. Let's just say, I came home with a bandit fox, moose with a cape and an bow-tie clad hipster gingerbread man!

Also, news to come tomorrow on some exciting events I'll be taking part in- stay tuned!

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