November 19, 2013

Film Photos Rediscovered

I was going through old photos from my film class the other day and came across these beauties that I thought I would share. Can I just say that there is something so magical about film? I am not a photographer, but my film class gave me a taste for experimentation in processing film photos. It opened up my eyes to the beauty that can be created by simply using light (and a few chemicals...!). These photos, in particular, were done for a technical project where we were required to attempt creating a photo without necessarily using a camera. All of these photos were created within the darkroom under the enlarger. I love the mysterious, etherial quality that the feathers create against the black background. Simply magical. I think I am also fascinated by the fact that by creating photos without a camera, you are never guaranteed a photo will turn out and some, maybe all, will fail. But sometimes they turn out beautifully and with all of these I was pleasantly surprised!
Both of the photos above and below were done by laying down a printed sheet of old newspaper to use as a negative. I wrapped up sugar in saran wrap and placed it in the negative carrier and...viola. A gorgeous sparkled and slightly mysterious photo!

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