July 12, 2012

Artist of the Day: Shauna Buck

 It's been a while for artist of the day. Actually it's been a while for any sort of series that I once started but failed to commit to... I have a mind that gets excited about something quickly and tires of it easily, what can I say? But I have a new vision today. To feature local artists under my Artist of the Day series! This is one talented lady that I have recently discovered and love her work! Shauna Buck is a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council and I was able to take in her work at a recent festival. Her illustrative pieces are just lovely and she is as well. The pieces are available in a variety of forms- I was able to purchase a small button for my bag which I now carry with me everywhere! Take a peek at her beautiful work and be sure to check out her website as well!

Find her here:
Website     Blog     Etsy

 As a side note: I've joined the realm of facebook pages and you can like it here! This way, you can get updates on all of my latest pieces and perhaps contact me about purchasing one to support a starving artist!

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