February 17, 2012

New Friday Feature!

It's Friday! One of my favourite days of the week. And to celebrate Friday, I would like to do something on this blog every Friday for the next while. Starting next week, I would like to have regular interviews with fellow bloggers that I find inspiring and hopefully expose you to some new inspiration as well! I don't have anything set up for today, but I thought I would introduce this series and give you a little info about what's to come! If you are a reader of this blog and would like to be featured, just drop me a line at jenni_boldt{at}hotmail{dot}com and I will gladly see what I can do!

For a small bit of inspiration today, I have a bit of music. I went to see The Vow yesterday and LOVED it! Yes, it may be cheesy and star Channing Tatum who's not the best actor in the world, but I secretly love him...oops did I just say that? And I like a little cheese once in a while- sometimes it's just needed. I also love the soundtrack and this was one of the songs- I think it's meant to played loudly and with lots of bass, so if you have it, do it! Otherwise, just imagine :)

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