February 15, 2012

A Day In The Life

This morning, I was very relieved to wake up and find that I did not have to pay the $68 parking ticket I got in my dream! Sometimes, it's good to know that your life is a little better than all the things that can go wrong in a nightmare! 
To give you a little preview of my life, on Monday, I took pictures throughout the day to document the happenings of almost every hour. This is what came of it.

10:15 I come upstairs to find Leonard menacingly staring at me from his desired throne. I believe that he secretly plans attacks on me when I find him in this state.

10:45 Enjoying my morning coffee. I already devoured my ritual toast with grape jelly.

11:40 Straightening my hair. Usually I'm too lazy to do this, but I have the motivation here.

1:00 Lunchtime! I think I've made this salad with apples, cottage cheese and blackberry vinaigrette 4 times now in a row, but it's. just. so. good.

1:20 A few Mini Eggs make their way into my belly.

2:00 Sigh. Time to work on painting homework.

3:15 It's too beautiful not to go on a walk.

3:20 What?! Shoots are making their way out of the earth?? It's February, people. This does not happen in the prairies!

3:30 Saw a pretty puddle. Liked it. Took a picture.

3:40 Again. Wha?! Pretty pink blooms?? Must take a picture and rub spring in people's faces.

4:00 A tasty little snack of Fugi apple and almond butter.

4:20 Fine. Time to get back to work. If I have to.

5:00 So...many...squares. Can't go on any longer.

The rest of my evening was spent eating pizza supper and watching The Bachelor- not much you can do to document that, but I do have one thing to say to Ben, the bachelor: "Seriously, Ben?". For those who watch, you know what I'm talking about!

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