January 4, 2012

Glitter and Goals

(picture found at Hello Friend blog, original source unknown)

Well, it seems everyone is making goals and resolutions and I might as well join in on the fun! I'm not great at making goals and meeting them (who is?), but I've created a small list that I think I might be able to accomplish. These are my goals for 2012:

1. Work hard at perfecting grammar in my papers for school- I like writing papers and I don't do all that bad on them, but when I get them back after being marked, all I see are a lot of marks showing that my grammar could be fixed...
2. Find an art related job opportunity in summer- I would love to find a grant job at a gallery this summer just to get a bit of experience!
3. Work on eating healthier, less sugar! - I am a sugar-holic. I have an addiction and it needs to stop.
4. Walk more -I love walking, but my walking sessions seems to have dwindled in the past while...
5. Try to do less computer procrastination when I should be doing other things- this one is also quite difficult as there is just so much fun stuff to look at online! If only blogs weren't so addicting.
6. Sell some of my artwork- I am slowly accumulating way more pieces than I have space for. It's time to start selling!
7. Find somewhere to serve/volunteer my time- This is such an important thing that I so often forget about. I want to give more than just money because money doesn't always make the difference.
8. Become a more accomplished painter- I would say that my drawing skills are quite strong, but I struggle in the painting field. They are getting stronger, but it is such a learning process for me. I want to become much more accomplished in my technique.

I tried to think of 12, but could only come up with 8! My other ideas are a bit more lofty- these are the realistic ones! Let's see if I'll actually be able to reach them...


Lorrie said...

Blame your sugar addiction on the genetics given to you by your mother!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister!

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