December 30, 2011

Highlights Of The Holiday...So Far!

As much as I thought, I would do more blogging over the holidays, I can't say I've really felt all that inspired to! Rather, I've been spending my hours doing other fun activities with the fam, which I suppose is a great thing! We've done quite a bit in the past week- here are some of the captured moments:
Our well-used beverage bar- coffee has been enjoyed every single day :) We like our coffee around here! Along with a wide variety of tea and hot cocoa!

Enjoying a little skating time at our local arena- we put together a few routines that involved us skating around the only male member of the group

Kristen and I enjoying our time!

We like being all together again.

We had a lovely time opening gifts on Christmas Eve!

And enjoyed a fabulous cheese fondue and chocolate fondue after!

Our family picture for the year- we tried something serious, but it really didn't seem natural.

Our annual Christmas tradition of bowling at our four-lane bowling ally took place again- it's a classy place.

This was my prayer that unfortunately did not take place...

This sign is often ignored.

I can honestly say that I am completely out of shape and my legs are still quite sore from my expert bowling stance!

This is my reaction after bowling one time- as you can see, it was a gutter ball...

There are a lot of rules in this place!

Bowling celebrations- Dad's got a special dance :)

The goal of everyone. To join the infamous Henry Ens in the "400 Club". It has yet to happen.


Unknown said...

nice action shot of you. I wish I would have had my baby to capture all those wonderful bowling moments as well. Next year!


Ruth said...

Interestingly your sporting haunts look a lot like some of the places we visited over the last 2 days, except we had one more can you guess? Looks like you made lots of memories too! Fun times!

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