August 28, 2011

A Visual Log

And thus begins my year in Abbotsford! I'm here. I've arrived. After a emotional roller coaster of a week which I'm sure won't slow down until much later, I've begun to settle in at Deanne and Daniel's house. So far not much to post picture-wise, but I was taking a few pictures throughout my last week in Hepburn. Here's an account of the last few days:

Amanda and I rode bikes to the park and set up our watercolours. (well, actually, we set up everything to paint when I realized I had forgotten THE most crucial supply- the watercolours...I had to bike all the way back home to get them. Fortunately that only takes 2 minutes in Hepburn!)

View from the park to the field! Classic Saskatchewan.

Our watercolour picnic. I decided to paint blueberries, but it didn't take long before my subject had disappeared...

On Wednesday night, we hosted a going away BBQ at our house. It was a lovely time, but unfortunately I was having so much fun, I completely forgot to take pictures. This is a snapshot of a few of us playing bocce ball- my mom wasn't quite sure of the settings on my camera, so they all ended up being a bit blurry, but you get the picture! It was so nice to see everyone together before leaving.

And then on Friday, Amanda and I left on our journey! We traveled over two days, stopping in Alberta. These pictures are from the second part of our travels, at a rest area near Banff. We were so tired and I look well-traveled at this point, but I'll post a picture anyway... The mountains are so beautiful, though! It was a fabulous viewpoint!

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