August 20, 2011

Top 5 Thrift Finds (Of This Week...)

So the other day I promised to post about my thrift trip and I know, I forgot fashion friday again...next week, I promise. This is kind of a combined thrift/fashion post. With all the hectic happenings of preparing for a new school and new province, it's kind of nice to be able to take a day to thrift. MCC is my friend- we get along pretty great. Here are a few of my finds.

1. Alright, so I will probably never wear this, but I thought it was such a fun vintage nightie, I had to get it. And since it was the "Fit everything into a bag for $5" sale, I couldn't resist. It could come in handy for a photo shoot!

2. An old lady blouse in a pretty print- I may try re-designing it to something more of my liking.

3. I love looking for pretty old pillowcases to use as fabric. This one caught my eye with its dainty blue flower bunches.

4. A nice little nautical scarf. I can never pass up a sailor themed item. If it's got anchors, it's mine!

5. And my favourite (these pics don't keep with my theme of the great outdoors as a background...) a vintage set of milk glass luncheon plates! The last time I saw them at MCC, I had considered buying and didn't and they've kept on popping into my mind ever since. I couldn't pass them up this time. Tea party anyone??

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