July 18, 2011

Moving Too Fast

July is moving pretty darn fast. And so am I thanks to my schnazzy new cruiser! Hello again, peoples! I have a computer! This means more regular blog updates which means you can keep up on my life and design finds- fantastic. On this hot, hot day (apparently it feels like 44 out there) I am sitting inside my not so cool house trying to figure out this thing, this foreign entity of a macbook. But I think I like it and I also like this bike that I recently purchased via Kijiji. It is a dream for me- and it has a basket! All it needs is a bit of work to get rid of rust and a little tune-up, but it's in great shape- the bones are good. I'm so excited to ride!

Another thing that has kept me busy this July is making headpieces with my sister, Kristen. We had a lot of fun hot glue-ing up lace to pieces of felt. Aren't they pretty? I plan to create a whole whack load more.

The rest of July has found me visiting my dear friend, Richelle and heading to the cabin for a few days on the lake with my family. It was a great trip and I will post those pictures very, very soon now that I can! Whooo!!


Unknown said...

let's go on a bike ride soon!

Unknown said...


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