July 19, 2011

Altona & Beyond!!

Alright. Here it is, fellow folks! The story of my recent vacation. It all started off in Altona where I spent a lovely 2.5 day trip doing the fun things listed below. And yes, we made sure to drink lots of espresso! mmmm...
We had a lovely little photo shoot at what I now call "The Avenue". It was so pretty. Unfortunately it took quite an effort to get there and back because wind on bikes=hard work! But we managed to make it and get a few fun shots in- these were from my camera, so I only have Richelle, but we did get some shots together.

After my visit to Altona, we headed off to Falcon Lake near the Ontario border. This was my first time to my aunt and uncle's cabin, and it was a design treat! Everything was designed in 1970's decor which looked a bit dated, but at the same time, very mod. With a few updates, it could be a very trendy design! Notice the sunken pit by the fireplace- they call it "The Grotto"- so fun!

And we spent most of the time on the lake or suntanning on the deck of the boat house. And it was HOT. I think it felt like it was above 40, for sure on our last day there! Hannah learned to waterski- I would have only I was feeling sick on the one day I could have learned...sigh.

Hannah in her coracle off to sea...she's imitating Reepicheep I would say.
Dad in his vacation shirt and what us daughters affectionately call "The Jim Face".
And as a yummy morning brunch, Auntie Judy and I made a delicious meal of Lemon Brioche French Toast with Cava Wine Raspberries. Ok, we did not have Brioche bread and we did not use Cava Wine, but it sure was delectable just the same! You can find the recipe here.
If perhaps, you would like to see more pictures, because I did take a whole lot more, you can check out the link to my flickr photostream. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

oh..man..i wish i could have come! what fun.

Josh Dyck said...

Thanks for telling me you were in Manitoba....

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