July 25, 2011

Crafting Galore!

Lately, with a bit more time on my hands, now that I am done working, I have taken up some of my favourite hobbies- sewing, crocheting, painting, crafting. I find it so enjoyable and thought I'd share some of my recent projects with you! But before I do, check out my new "Grab a Button" link on the side! Yay! I have a button (after long hours into the night trying to figure out how to do it....) Please, feel free to advertise my blog on your page by picking up that link! I would feel honoured. Now. To the projects!

1. I have wanted to become more advanced in my sewing skills and the only way to do that is to keep sewing! So I decided to make something practical and pretty-a paintbrush holder! It's great for the on-the-go artist and it was SO easy. I picked up the pattern from a book I gave my sister for Christmas called, One Yard Wonders.

It holds quite a few paintbrushes and organizes them so nicely!
2. I haven't crocheted in a while- in summer, I tend to gravitate towards other projects. But my nanny family recently adopted a 20-month boy from China and I knew I had to make something special for him. I came across this cute project in Crochet Today, which is a fabulous magazine. It really has a whole lot of nice patterns and I encourage all you crocheters out there to subscribe!
He's sitting on a granny square blanket that I have been working on from the same magazine. Doesn't he look so sweet?
3. Yes, you've seen these before, but these lace flowers are so pretty, they deserve a second look! They are incredibly easy and just require a bit of lace and a small bit of felt along with hot glue.
5. I wish I had some better pictures of these last two, but I was finding it hard to get a clear picture with the corners curling up on me...oh well, you get an idea. These are two watercolour cards I've been doing and it's been so fun. I love exploring new mediums and I will definitely be painting with more watercolour in the future. I love the bright, vivid colours and the imaginative quality it creates.

Well, there you have it. Be inspired and go create!


Notes She Wrote said...

your projects are beautiful :)
My sisters and I would love to put your button on our sidebar. Could you show us how to make one?

Notes She Wrote

Anonymous said...

Jenni-if you'd like an idea for a Christmas present already, I'd LOVE a set of water colour cards. They are really beautiful.
your mama

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