April 30, 2010

Time Stealers

Things that seem to have been stealing my time lately:

1. First of all the Spring Concert held last Saturday- took up most of my time last week, but I made it through and it went well! We performed Fiddler on the Roof songs among others and look! I'm on the poster! No, I'm not the one playing violin or singing the solo, but I'm standing behind the soloist on the left! I'm almost famous! ha!

2. I seem to be doing more cooking and baking lately to keep Rebecca fed up and happy! Here are some cookies that I made that seemed to be a big hit with her from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Delish!

3. Tapioca Pudding. Ok, this didn't take much time at all because I gobbled it down, but yum! A fantastic treat!

4. Although, this picture makes me feel like singing in the rain, I'm not sure I actually would. It has been raining all week and it's been cold and miserable. On the bright side, though, everything is looking a whole lot greener and prettier...I just wish it would warm up a little.

5. Because of all the cold weather and rain, I have turned to crocheting my time away from my new magazine- Crochet Today! It is a fantastic magazine and I have found quite a few patterns I would like to try in this issue. So I am making a little baby sweater- for which baby? I do not know, but it is sure fun to make!
Well, now I am off to bed, because I am writing this late because my time is being eaten up by so many of these things that I haven't been able to post. Goodnight!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

singing in the rain would be nice, but singing in the sun is even better! forecast-sunny all week after today! yes!

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