February 5, 2010

Dear St. Valentine

My computer has been experiencing an illness, I'm afraid...hence no posts for a while. But I managed to sneak onto another computer for this one!
Valentines Day is fast approaching- one of my favourite holidays of the year! I love it! I can't stand how people become so depressed on this magical day because they have no significant other. If that was what it was all about for me, I would be a very depressed person each year! It's really just all about loving those that you have and what's not to love about that?? So here is some Valentine's Day inspiration to get you thinking about this lovely holiday:

What fabulous mini valentines from World's Smallest Postal Service that are actually sendable!! How cute!

Pretty paper garland from How About Orange

Why not embroider a valentine with this free pattern from Badbird's?

What a precious homemade dainty from Twig & Thistle

Or craft up this pretty felt valentine from Checkout Girl!

Oh how I love you, Saint Valentine! Hopefully I will have time to conjure up some of these neat ideas and send them all out before the big day!

P.S. I have finally finished Atonement and what a fabulous, fabulous book!!

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