January 22, 2010


Sometimes I like reminiscing...well, actually all the time I love reminiscing! So I often peruse onceuponawin.com. There are so many things on there that I loved as a child and still love! So here's to remembering childhood with things like:

Heads up, seven up- classic game that was so simple, but yet so fun!

Jiffy Pops- The idea of this was great and we spent many camping trips buying these in hopes that it would work at least once...it never did.

Polly Pocket- The original polly pocket. My goal was to collect as many as possible and I did end up collecting quite an amount! I could play with these for hours!

Barbie fold n' fun house- The desired item by every Barbie lover and me and my sister's were lucky enough to own one of these. This particular picture seems to be missing the best part- the light up lamp!

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