November 6, 2013

A Yarn Life

This is my life while not working. Lots and lots of yarn. And Netflix. But it's cozy feeling and enjoyable for the time being. We'll see how far it takes me, but I do have many more ideas along the same "thread" (pun totally intended). It's amazing what kind of satisfaction a little yarn and some hard work will bring. I've been working on a project for my mom and her business Something From Nothing along with making infinity scarves to sell for myself. It's funny, I started this blog out as a way to post a few crochet creations I was working on at the time and it's deviated from there since. But somehow it has come back full circle (wow. puns all over the place)!  I think that no matter what I do with this small skill, it will always be a hobby of mine- I find it so relaxing and therapeutic. And there's just such a sense of accomplishment when something gets finished, even if that only happens 75% of the time!

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