October 30, 2013

Name Change Day

There are a lot of things that change after getting married- name, addresses, accounts... and in the midst of all of that change, I've decided to make another one! I've been reorganizing on this site and to make my blog more cohesive, the domain name has now changed to bottomleycottage.blogspot.com. This may make things a bit confusing in bloglovin' and for searching in google, but it sure makes things easier for me. And really, better sooner than later!

In art related news, I've been slowly plugging away at painting each week and discovering new things as I go. This picture is from a piece I was working on last week that I really just stopped thinking for. I often find myself getting inspired by other illustrators and in some way trying to emulate them in my work which doesn't always work out so great in the end. This piece was just me painting. Painting what I feel...and I found it definitely speaks to more of who I am as an artist. More to come...

Here is the link to my new bloglovin' page: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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