September 6, 2011


Alas. I see no one wanted to enter the giveaway. Sigh...I suppose I will keep these lovely watercolours for another day!
Well, I have already been making my way around B.C. This weekend Deanne, some work friends and I headed out to Penticton for a fabulous long weekend in the sun. And oh did we catch that sun- I got a decent tan! For the first time this summer! I didn't end up taking too many pictures because we were on the water for most of the full day we had, but here are some shots from when we first arrived. Ducks and seagulls are very friendly in Penticton, we soon realized.

I think the best part about Penticton was being able to spend our time floating down the canal on blow-up loungers. It's a very popular attraction, especially on a hot day. You spend about 3 hours floating with the current from one end of the canal to the other and it's soo relaxing and fun! I would recommend it to anyone traveling out that way! Just make sure you go on a day when the wind doesn't pick up and blow you back the other way against the current...we ended up having to get out and walk the remainder to the beach. But it was fun while it lasted!

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Unknown said...

i'll go to penticton with you! someday.

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