February 27, 2015

my week in...flowers.

i had meant to take pictures this week of the things that i am grateful for. but it turned more into a week of me appreciating the (very early) signs of spring. i couldn't help but notice the beauty blossoming all over the place as i went about my days. so here are 3 different flowers that made my week.

1. these purple magnolias
 (for surprising me while shopping in seattle.)

2. these gentle tulips
 (for making our living space just that much more liveable.)

3. these bursting cherry blossoms
(for finally making the view outside our front window worth it.)

things to take you to the weekend:

for your friday night movie.
how do i turn my kitchen into this??
the perfect napping tune.
painting has never looked so complicated.
take note, vancouverites.
tea time in food form.

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