February 13, 2015

my week in objects

5 things this week to be grateful for. 

1. this teeny tiny airplant
(for coming from the cutest shop in Deep Cove and looking so very spider-y.)

2. this bowl of shapes
(for only being $1.50.)

3. these dying daffodils
(because even as they dry up, i'm reminded of the loving husband who gave them to me.)

4. this blue and white treasure
(for finally lighting my bedside with a light that doesn't blind me.)

5. this imperfect homemade candle
(that often lights my way through baking and for reminding me to stay calm.)

things to take you to the weekend:

chiaroscuro at its finest.
the only way i'm partaking in whiskey.
most played song in my library.
for the life-long learner.
creating ritual.
valentines for zine lovers.

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