December 2, 2014

Life Lately: November

I'm going to be honest and say that blogging has been kind of a chore for me lately. I go though stages. Sometimes, I'll feel completely inspired to create posts and share life. And then there will be times like this where it just feels like a challenge to think of anything to post. But despite that, it's not all that hard to put up the multitude of pictures I've been snapping this month, so at least you're getting a monthly update of my life! The beginning of the month was filled with a lot as I received my Christmas card designs and was working on putting together orders. And this last half of November, I've been dedicating time to more Christmas projects and gift planning! I'm getting pretty excited for what December has in store and the brisk weather we're having this week is giving me the winter thrills. 

From the top: // 1. Receiving any mail is fun, but when it's a box of cards that I designed, it's even more fun! You can purchase these in my shop in packs of 4 or 8. // 2. It's been gradual with the Christmas decorating, but slowly bits of festivity can be seen around our space. That Kinfolk issue has always been my favourite. // 3. This shot turned out blurry because I forgot my manual focus was on, but it still turned out to be one of my favourites. Uncle M and Asher reading Asher's favourite book, "Where's Dave?" (not recommended for anyone over the age of 6 months). // 4. The second instalment of holiday decor. You may remember my register makeover from last year. // 5. I've never been much good at sketching out my ideas. But I always have a million of them. So I'm practicing actually using my sketchbook to record everything floating in my head. // 6. A little embroidery project I'm working on (for spring, of all things!). Embroidery still continues to be one of my favourite things. See next picture. // 7. Our home starts to look a little more Scandinavian during the Christmas season. Find instructions for making your own cozy cottage pillow. // 8. Mary, Joseph and Jesus nestled among the air plant and cactus. Isn't that an accurate representation of Bethlehem? // 9. A pretty typical November evening- my projects strewn all over the floor while M works on report cards and we watch episodes of Gilmore Girls (my choice) or 30 Rock (his choice). // 10. Christmas candle chemistry. One of the best afternoons I've spent this whole month.

Now onto my project list for December. This includes lots of sweet baking and crafts galore! What does your December hold? 

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