September 26, 2014

Behind the Scenes

This is what my art life has looked like lately. Everything started, nothing finished. Well that's not completely true- I did finish the butterfly painting, but it was a gift and I completely forgot to snap a finished product shot! My sketchbook is finally getting filled again, though. I've got lots of ideas and I'm attempting to remember to sketch them down rather than leaving them jumbled about in my head! You may have seen this last shot on Instagram, but that was the cropped version. As you can see, I pushed a whole lot of clutter out of the way to make a cleaner final shot. I especially like my foot poking out on this one ;) Oh the things we do to alter reality! 

Although I don't have much to show for the work that I'm doing, all of this behind the scenes stuff tends to take up a fair amount of time so I feel like I've been working hard! I'm thinking ahead for once in my life and planning projects months in advance. Including...Christmas cards! I know, it sounds a little early, especially when Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet, but in order to get them ready to sell in November for all of the eager beavers, I'm taking action now. Keep an eye out in the weeks ahead for more on that. 

And one more thing, be on the lookout for a small announcement to be published very soon...ah the suspense!

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