July 4, 2014

Life Lately: Saskatchewan Edition

I had the chance to travel back to the prairies over the past nine days and it was so very needed. I'm a major homebody and often find it very difficult to be away from Saskatchewan for long periods of time. This year has been the longest I've ever been away and it felt like a marathon...but I made it! And I found my time at home to be refreshing, reviving, and all things delightful. I celebrated my youngest sister's high school graduation, caught up with old friends, enjoyed spending time with family and generally just soaking up the land that I feel so connected to. My only complaint was that M couldn't make it this time around so he was very much missed by everyone. I made him feel better by bringing back a long link of farmer sausage! I didn't take too many pictures this trip, but just enough to capture a few of my favourite moments.

From the top // 1. This little face came to visit, too! I can't get enough of him. // 2. My absolute favourite thing to do around town. Her name is Liza and we go on prairie adventures together. // 3. A very delightful evening celebrating Canada's birthday and graduation with my family. The night, of course, ended off with fireworks (and mosquito bites). // 4. My sister and I ride our treasured bikes together. This place holds memories my wedding so we stopped to enjoy it for a few seconds...before getting eaten alive again by those pesky bugs. // 5. This is what life is about. This is where I find joy. // 6. Because this is the last high five I'll ever get to give my beloved old dog. 

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