May 20, 2014

Life Lately: May

I'm giving you a small glimpse into my life lately- you may recognize a few if you follow me on instagram. My days have been filled with all kinds of things. Days are becoming exciting as glimpses of summer start to make an appearance. There's all kinds of newness popping up all over the place and generally days are relaxing and creative. 

From the top // 1. A relaxing walk on the beach overlooking Vancouver downtown. This heron took off just as I was able to pull out my camera. // 2. Along the same beach are multitudes of small rabbits hopping all over and tame as can be- perhaps Peter lost his coat? // 3. A favourite pastime...collecting shells. // 4. My new business cards came in! I'm so pleased- they are exactly as I envisioned. // 4. Working on a project for The Common Creative blog. Keep your eyes peeled next week! // 5. I've added postcards to my shop! These are a great way to send a quick but special greeting. // 6. Enjoying the little bit of sunshine that we get streaming into our windows in the early morning.  

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