February 10, 2014

Snapshots of Life

I try not to stay absent for too long from this blog, but sometimes I don't get as much creative work done as I would like to, so I don't end up having that much to post about. Other things end up taking priority and my Olympic fever doesn't help much... Here are a few snippets I've captured of life around here:
1. Growing lettuce from kitchen scraps. I've always wanted to try this to see if it actually works. I was skeptical at first, but then I noticed these tiny little leaves of new life popping up the other day. These are juxtaposed next to the failed wildflower experiment I was attempting...
2. Remembering the day M and I got engaged and thinking back on our whirlwind of a romance. Such lovely memories.
3. Crocheting up a storm. My love for crochet has been revived and I've been a madwoman making wooly cozy things!
4. Wearing my pride as I watch the Olympics on the telly. Yes, you got that right- mittens on my hands indoors. By myself. Ahem, as I said, Olympic fever... Alexandre Bilodeau steals the gold and steals my heart yet again.
5. Also enjoying the atmosphere of Sochi. Those opening ceremonies were beautiful! I can't help say that though as anything including ballet wins my heart. I put these out again a few days ago. This is my Russian support for my slightly Russian heritage! 
6. Delicious baking of triple berry muffins. Thank you mom for the ever so tasty recipe. Even the small things remind me of home sometimes. 

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