October 17, 2013

Snippets of October

A few glances into my life from the month of October (so far...) I've been attempting to create one piece of watercolour illustration per week- so far it's been going pretty well, but we will see if that trend continues this week... I've also been crocheting like mad to make infinity scarves to sell*. These are so cozy and warm, I want to keep them all myself! But alas, I already have a suitcase (literal suitcase) full of scarves and definitely do not need more. And lastly, a family shot from Thanksgiving weekend taken by my mother-in-law. Me and Him- our tiny family :). We are having fun being married! Now that we're in the routine of things, we've started creating traditions of our own, finding ways to enjoy this merging of two separate lives. Discovering what we enjoy doing in our leisure time, together (especially as we're trying to save money, which means less going out on the town!). Surprisingly, the game of checkers has somehow become the activity of choice in our attempts to out-think the other (all in good fun, of course!) And yes, sometimes we act like old people, but we like it that way.

*If interested in purchasing a custom made scarf, they are going for $35.00. Contact me for more details!

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