March 9, 2012

Friday Feature: Rebecca of The Clothes Horse

 I love Rebecca's style- it's the perfect amount of cute and chic combined! She has provided me with a lot of inspiration in the way I dress. Not to mention that she also finds the most interesting locations for photo shoots which is also inspiring! And after interviewing her, I've realized we share some similar qualities, too such as a love for old films. Take a moment to become acquainted with her and her blog- she is quite the gem!
Tell me a bit about yourself and your blog.
I'm Rebecca, or The Clothes Horse as I tend to go by online. I started my fashion blog as a hobby while I was in college studying business, but it quickly became an obsession and now I can't imagine a day without it.
What inspires you most in your style?

Oh goodness, I'm not entirely certain! I grew up on vintage films and I definitely think that quiet refinement and aesthetic has rubbed off on me. Additionally, I find a lot of inspiration in other personal style bloggers--just the fact that other girls compose intentional outfits every day inspires me to do the same. I also keep up with the latest collections and read some fashion magazines; honestly I'm just looking at inspiring things so often it's hard to pinpoint the original source of inspiration!

I've noticed a theme of horses in your style! How did that love come about?
The horses actually come from my blog's name. An actual clothes horse is a frame used to hang clothes on to dry (we use one in my house), but a number of people are unfamiliar with the term (it's a bit antiquated) and naturally people think I just have a thing for horses. Anyway, it's rather fun for me now to collect horses since I do go by "the clothes horse" so much, it's sort of a joke now. I move a lot so instead of collecting horse figurines that take up shelf space and collect dust, I collect horse-themed clothing because then it's things I "use."
Some of your photo shoots have taken place in an abandoned train! How did you end up coming across that treasure?
Taking pictures is one of my favorite things about blogging and I'm always looking for new places that will provide an interesting location for my photographs. When I moved last summer I went driving around with my mother a lot, just exploring the new area we were in and we spotted these trains on one of our trips. From the road we didn't really know the cars would be so interesting or that we could get inside them, but we spotted them, parked, and started poking around.
What is it that you love about fashion and blogging?
I like the same aspects in both really--being able to express myself. I'm rather shy and quiet, so in some ways dressing in a way that feels very "me" is a way of communicating to the world without actually having to speak; it sort of introduces aspects of myself to others visually and immediately. I also feel more confident and outgoing when I'm wearing clothes that I feel good in. For blogging it's the same; it's the perfect medium for a quiet person because I'm able to compose my thoughts through text and share some of my passions with others. Now that I've been blogging for so long it's also a nice catalog of some of my experiences and interests.
What are you doing when not taking pictures or posting?
Answering e-mails, working on collages for a collaborative art blog I do with a friend, watching sci fi shows on Netflix, baking some, etc. A lot of rather nerdy things. Lately I'm working on a new website with a friend that I'm pretty excited about.

Thanks so much, Rebecca! You can find her here:
Blog             Tumblr            Twitter

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