March 2, 2012

Friday Feature: Christen of Two Happy Hearts!

I absolutely love it when you are able to find kindred spirits in the blogging world! Recently I have had the opportunity to interview Christen about her adorable blog and style- it's amazing how we enjoy so many similar joys in life! She is a lovely lady- have a peek into her world:
Tell me a bit about yourself and your blog! 
My name is Christen and I run my fashion blog, Two Happy Hearts! I started blogging because I wanted a creative outlet for my everyday life. I wanted a reason to get dressed up and be creative everyday. My husband Tim does an incredible job taking photos for me! I swear, he's taken more photos of me than anyone probably ever will!    

You have a fantastic style! Where do you find your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from old movies (Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe being my favorites!), NYLON magazine, other bloggers, and Mary-Kate Olsen (she's my guilty pleasure when it comes to fashion inspiration!).

What does a typical day look like for you? 
When I'm not waking up at 4AM for my day job (a coffee shop, of course!), I usually get up and indulge in an elaborate breakfast. It's pretty much my favorite meal of the day...and I probably take way too much time planning, preparing, and eating it! My favorite breakfast consists of belgian waffles with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, topped of with honey! Definitely worth trying if you're feeling adventurous in the morning ;) 
Then the rest of my day usually consists of putting together a fun outfit to do a blog update, sewing something for my upcoming dress collection (so excited for this website to be finished!!), and spending as much quality time with my husband as possible!
You also have an etsy shop with some adorable little owls! How did the shop come about? Do you have any plans for the future? 
I started my shop last year. It really just came about one night when I was bored and wanted to create something. I just started making a bunch of plush owls! Since then, I've done lots of craft shows. I've grown to absolutely love the craft show scene. The future definitely consists of as many craft shows as possible! I just adore the sense of community and respect these shows usually represent so well.
What are five words to describe your personality? 
Joyful, quirky, loving, creative, easygoing 

Favourite thing to do on a rainy day? 
It depends on how rainy it is! If it's a crazy downpour outside, I love staying in and doing crafty things. Also, watching way too many movies ;)
But I also loving having outdoor rainy day adventures! Just the other day, my husband and I had SO much fun going to a park in the rain.
Thanks so much, Christen!! I loved hearing a little more about your life! I just realized that the last three pictures I chose all involve that fabulous pink coat, but I couldn't bear to part with any, so this post ended up having a little pink theme. But really, deep down, who doesn't love more pink in their life? I know, there are those who say they are pink haters out there, but I don't completely believe it. It's a fantastic colour. 

So hope you all have a joyous (pink) friday!

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