March 16, 2012

Feature Blogger: Virginie's Cinema

I'm always fascinated by my next feature blogger, Virginie! She is an aspiring independent film maker and the work she does seems so intriguing! Not to mention she has amazing style and hails from my favourite part of the world. I was able to catch up with her on what life looks like under the umbrella of cinema...
Tell me a little bit about yourself and your blog!
My name is Virginie, I am French Canadian, I am a film producer and my husband is a screenwriter- director, suffice to say my life is all about movie making! My blog documents my journey following my passion, the cool adventures my career takes me on, the pretty clothes I wear along the way and the things that keep me inspired.
I am incredibly inspired by your creative nature, both in your style and your filmmaking adventures. What inspires you?
I am VERY inspired by cinema, it’s my true first love and I’m a big cinephile! I watch a ton of movie so it’s my first source of inspiration. I’m also very inspired by the people around me, I like to surround myself with creative and positive people always. My husband is a great source of inspiration as well, he’s the bomb! And then I do read a lot og blogs…
You recently completed shooting a film- what kind of experience was that for you?
It was honestly the most amazing experience of my life creatively and humanly. After producing 14 short films, I was really excited to be shooting my first feature length film! It’s the most amazing thing to dream up something, take the many steps to get to it and then see it come true! For us this movie adventure started back in 2010 with the writing of the script, a very long journey, and getting to shoot the material was definitely the best reward in the world! We are now editing the movie and hope to showcase it in festivals around the world in 2013. The movie is called Clyde Nelson, it’s a character piece about a young man that has a toxic relationship with his father and works in an empowerment group called Take The Power, Keep The Power where he does more wrong than good. It’s going to be an amazing movie I promise!
What does a typical day look like for you?
Well everyday is different in my line of work which is something I thoroughly appreciate, but typically on a week day it goes something like this: In the morning I drive Ramiro to his office (he currently works as a video game writer for Marvel as well as filmmaking) and run errands before heading back to my home office where I take care of all things movie related (grants, accounting, marketing, communications, idea development…), skype with my collaborates and get all the paper work done. I never break for lunch and work until the end of the afternoon when I take outfit pictures (although not everyday at all) and edit said pictures before picking Ramiro up from work. I blog a bit before dinner, then play domestic goddess before we go into our editing blitz (about 3 hours each night). Then we generally watch an episode of Entourage, read books about filmmaking and talk about our dreams for the future in bed. When the weather is warmer I also like to take a long walk every night before going to bed to clear my mind (and tone my legs!).
I've always LOVED the eastern provinces in Canada- what do you love about living in Quebec?
Living in Québec is great, I feel very lucky to reside in a bilingual province because it’s a true richness to be able to speak both French and English. Montreal is according to me the most beautiful city in Canada, very European and cosmopolitan and it’s a very stimulating and inspiring place to live (although these days I live in smaller Québec city). The bad side is the weather, it’s the worst, it’s snowing as I type this… as it does almost everyday!
Future dreams or goals?
I just hope to be able to showcase the talent of the people I work in the movies I make. I hope to continue to make movies with people that inspire me always and to be able to grow and find happiness everyday both in my career, in my blog and in my personal life. Oh! And work with Harvey Weinstein and live in L.A.

Thanks, Virginie! Find her here:

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