January 31, 2012

Welcome to My Garden

Well...not my real garden. But this is the garden in my daydreams! There is a hint of spring in the air and my imagination is catching it and running wild with dreams of gardening. Let me walk you through my imaginary space...

This is the window that overlooks my lovely little garden. I can water my potted pansies from indoors. 

This is my attached conservatory that leads to the garden. It's the perfect place to paint with watercolour and listen to my phonograph. 

When I'm not painting watercolours, I'll travel to the studio out back that is surrounded by lovely wildflowers. It's so inspiring.

Somehow there are friendly little birds who talk to me and lead me to secret places in the garden, most likely a hidden door covered in vines.

Beyond this door lies a grove of trees just waiting for a garden party to happen once I finish work in the studio!

Thanks for touring my imaginary green space! And thank you for all those who took these fabulous pictures of such beautiful spaces: 1. Window 2. Conservatory 3. Studio 4. Bird 5. Garden party


Richelle said...

love it jenni!

Zelde said...

Oh, I want a garden like that too! :)

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