December 8, 2011

Joy to the World

Hello. I'm back from the pressures of finals week...not much to share from my boring little life, other than I am DONE my art history exam and only have one exam left. There was a massive amount of memorization involved with that exam- 60 pieces of artwork including title, artist, date, where it is from, and what it is made of and also a list of 60 artsy word terms. Too much for a brain to handle, but now I don't have to think about it ever again if I choose not to. But I may choose to. Because it would be fabulous to visit some of the cathedrals we studied!! My absolute favourite would be Saint Chapelle in Paris. I WILL get there someday!

The above piece of work was done in one of my classes- the one studio class I actually truly enjoyed! It was a project on perspective using a shape of increasing size...I just had fun with it and went wild with colour. Oil pastels are one of my favourite mediums :)

As some inspiration for you, because I know it has inspired me, I leave you with a song. And this is how I feel now that I'm done- Joyful!

Joy To The World by Hillsong on Grooveshark

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