November 28, 2011

Words For Monday

I suppose it's about time I update you on my life! I've been so busy with things lately, I haven't had time to post. But I've chosen some words today that apply to life right now...as the end of the semester draws near, it's easy to get bogged down with all of the final projects at hand. BUT, I have almost finished them all, and I only have two final exams, so it really isn't all that bad. I suppose this is just a little bit of encouragement to keep me going. Hopefully, it inspires and encourages you as well! When I do have some time, I would love to update you with some of the projects that I've had to do this semester- there are bucket loads of things I could share, I just have to take pictures of them all! Well, time to head out to class to give my presentation on my final paper which is on Minoan People of Ancient Crete, so fascinating! 

1 comment:

his little lady said...

ugh, definitely do NOT miss all the craziness of school final projects and such. so happy to be graduated. but you'll get it all done girl. and don't worry about the blog. that's what the christmas break will be for ;)
xo TJ

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