November 3, 2011

Life in Art: The Pumpkin Project

Recently, I had a school project that involved the process of realism to abstraction. We could choose any subject matter, but we had to use elements of the object as we progressed towards abstraction. I chose a pumpkin which I thought appropriate in light of the season! I was extremely happy (for the most part...) with the end product! I hope you enjoy them as well :)

1. Realistic drawing using only pen
2. Stylized rendition using paint and pen (I chose a black watercolour for this one)
3. Stylized painting using mixed media (stencil and ink splatters)
4. Complete abstraction using a variety of media (collage, modelling paste, glass beads, ink)


Anonymous said...

Very nice Jenni! I'd like to see these for real.

his little lady said...

that last one is just so incredible beautiful! i'm pretty much in love! i hope you have to do something similar to this next month so you can design something in the holiday spirit of christmas! my favorite!
xo TJ

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