November 18, 2011

It's Christmas Decor Time!

Yea, it's not Thrifty Tuesday, but I'm too excited to share my Christmas decor with you! It's only a little bit, but my sister and I went shopping at our local MCC thrift store and found an abundance of Christmas craft ideas. I followed the idea of this post and created a little garland for my window. You might notice in the picture, that we had a bit of a snowfall last night!

I also found this lovely wreath filled with ugly little pieces of wreath decorations which I promptly ripped off and put on my own decorations! That ribbon could probably use trimming (again, I was too eager to post!)


sarahb said...

Love the Christmas decorations! Also.... did you repaint? I seem to remember the room was more of a green color and now it looks grey - I like it! :) Of course you and Deanne would make it beautiful - you both are sooo creative and artsy!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sarah! Yes, Dee painted it before I came- it's kind of a purple-grey now but the picture doesn't do it justice!

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