November 28, 2010

Art and Whimsy

Well, after a month of nothing from me, I'm back! And I figured it better be a good post after being away so long...And I happen to think, this is amazing. Hopefully you agree. Well, as my grandparents were moving and cleaning out their house, I stumbled across a little treasure that I would like to share with you!

These images come from a book called Romps that is basically just a story book of children's art. There isn't a storyline or much font, but every page is a beautiful piece of original artwork! So I thought of the fabulous idea to scan these into the computer and reprint them to frame for a piece of instant art! I encourage you to do the same as these are just beautiful, whimsical pieces.

You can also view & download these in a PDF version. Download coloured pages here and black & white pages here.


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