August 10, 2010

New and Old

Oh how I love my latest finds of the summer! So much that I have to share them with you here:

Flowers: New!
Watering Can: New- from Twisted Goods for my Birthday
Plate: Old- from my Grandma!
Coffee Grinder: Old- from my Grandpa. I had been looking for a new one for SO long that was also inexpensive and was thrilled to receive this from my Grandpapa as he was cleaning out his office!
Camera: Old- another great basement find from Grandpa!
Water Bottle: New- from The Better Good just because I loved it so much and couldn't resist

1 comment:

Cora Lynn said...

What great stuff! I think grandparent hand-me-downs are so great, I'm just so sentimental. That coffee grinder is so great! Love the photos by the way! Maybe a polaroid segment in the future!?!

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