June 19, 2010

Many Moons

Hello there. It has been many moons since I last posted. But in my defence, I was on the Eastern Shores of Canada for 2 weeks where I did not readily have access to computers. So. Here I am again ready to write about something fascinating.

I feel as though I have to share this. It's just too amazing for words. And although I've always loved the idea of small living, never have I seen anything this small! I can't say I would go to this extreme, but what a cute little home! Apparently this is some kind of new trend- Tiny Homes and I have to agree with some of the reasons people do this. First of all, who really needs the space of these ugly huge box homes that people are building in the suburbs? It's ugly and it's unnecessary! And I suppose small homes do a lot for generating less energy which is always good. And of course, it's cheaper! These homes cost a penny compared to what most homes are going for! Last of all, they are cute. And who can't appreciate cute homes? Take a look:

There are all kinds of tiny houses if you search around. This guy has all kinds of neat designs on his website. Also, check out The Small House Society and Toronto's Smallest House. I am so inspired. and in awe.

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