April 9, 2010

April's Fooling Me

Ok, since April has decided to play a big trick on us in my end of the world seeing as it is BLIZZARDING outside and the wind is blowing like nothing else and I'm freezing, I thought I would post some lovely bright, happy, spring pictures to make me think of spring. Spring, come back to me! Why do you leave me at a time like this? On a Friday night when I want to go and get some ice-cream and lemonade, but your arch-enemy prevails?? Well, enjoy the pictures of what is yet to come...

Oh and this picture is from my photography class in the Agriculture Building at the University one day when it was warm outside and sunny. And here's a little excerpt from a poem sent to me by a dear friend and written by a kindred spirit, L.M. Montgomery:

Only a long, low-lying lane
That follows to the misty sea,
Across a bare and russet plain
Where wild winds whistle vagrantly;
I know that many a fairer path
With lure of song and bloom may woo,
But oh! I love this lonely strath
Because it is so full of you..

Those last two lines of that verse are not particularly true at the moment because for me the fairer path with lure of song and bloom is wooing me and I want it!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

if only april wasn't so tricky, and the snow would stay away! i enjoy the last photo in this collection.

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