March 11, 2010

I Love this Dress

And I can't wait to wear it! Signs of spring are on their way- the snow is melting, puddles are deepening, bits of green are popping up and a general smell is in the air of spring fresh! I am in love with spring! And eventually, I will wear this dress again.

p.s. Some links you should have a look at in my favourites on the side- Triptych Project: a project I am doing along with 2 other artists/friends in which we take a picture each week to make a triptych. And also check out Mennonite Girls Can Cook which is a fabulous cooking blog and includes, yes, favourite Mennonite recipes! Yum! I will finally learn how to make real bread, perishky, rollkuchen, and of course paska for Easter which is fast approaching!


Anonymous said...

Jen-if you look at the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog at the comments after "Jam Rolls-Rollchen"- you'll see Lorrie has a comment about her and her sister. That was me and Auntie Lorrie-do you remember when I made those for you when you were little? Mom

mello said...

What a gorgeous color! (on the dress) Now I feel like splurging on springtime clothes. Too bad I'm broke though.

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