March 3, 2010



Right now this picture is staring me in the face and I do like it so. It makes me chuckle inside a little. Yes, I know that my calender is 2009, but I like to pretend it's in the correct year so that I can use it again. I got it as a gift from my friend, Elya. A little something from Rome, of course! And yes, I realize that I'm blogging with the chance of no one reading my previous posts, but maybe someday someone will...hello? Is anyone there? Oh well, I like the idea of it anyway- sharing inspiration when I come across it and combining images with words. It's fun I think, even with no one to read it!
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Cora Lynn said...

Ah Audrey, so graceful and stylish! She always seems to inspire me as well (I'd keep the calender up too). This reader is inspired by your blog and enjoying your list of favorites too. Thanks!

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