October 3, 2009

Beginning to End

I am the type of person who gets really excited about starting a new project, begins working on something, but then finds something even more exciting than the last....and before you know it there are unfinished projects lying around everywhere that I eventually rip apart to use the material for something else. It most often happens in the case of yarn projects. Because crocheting is so quick to make (in most cases), you would think I would finish things, but somehow, I have not! So, I have made it a personal goal to finish the things that I start and post them for your viewing pleasure. I have gotten much better, especially as I learn to make things that I actually like!

To start off, I'll post a few projects with free patterns that I intend to start sooner or later...depending on when my current project gets finished...because I WILL restrain from starting something new!

Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat
Crocheted Mittens
Phannie Slouchy Hat
Whiter Shade of Pale Car Coat


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