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I love connecting with people and working on collaboration together. One of my favourite things about blogging is the strange sense of community. I am amazed at the amount of opportunity I have to reach out to others and have others reach out to me through my site. If this is one of your favourite things, let's work together! There are multiple ways that we could partner in this business of blogging:

1. First and foremost, I am a painter/illustrator/artist. I love to create through painting with watercolour. And I love beautifying homes, businesses, and blogs. If you would like something custom painted for you, I would love to design for you (within the limitations of my style!). Whether it be blog details, logo design, stationery, invitations, custom illustrations, the possibilities are (almost) endless. To get more of a sense of my aesthetic, please visit my Etsy shop. If this is something that interests you, email me at jenni.haikonen8@gmail.com

2. As my blog grows, I hope to grow with it by eventually setting up a sponsorship program where I will be able to create partnerships with bloggers and shops that relate to my blog. I hope to have the numbers to achieve this in the future.

But, LUCKY YOU! As I am in the beginning stages of the growth of my site, I am offering a chance to partner with me through swapping sidebar ads for FREE. That's right, no payment required. I am interested in working with others that relate to the work that I'm doing and would be happy to get into conversation with you if you think you might be a good fit. My only request is that you place an ad linking to my blog in your space of the internet world. Another perk in this offer is that I will gladly do all the design work/technical work to make it happen! If this is an offer you might be interested in, and you feel that your blog fits with the theme of mine, please email me at jenni.haikonen8@gmail.com.

I am excited to meet you and start a partnership! Talk to you soon...

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